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Meet Robin

Renowned for his mastery in Palmistry, Robin has been described as a 'Master Craftsman'  by those
who seek his guidance.


Having made notable appearances on prominent shows like the Paul McKenna show and Granada TV’s 'Psychic Show,' Robin's accuracy has been consistently tested and proven. His expertise has been showcased through numerous television and radio appearances.

Robin's profound insights have aided numerous leading personalities and individuals in gaining clarity and understanding about their life patterns and decisions. Recognized for his exceptional skills, he is regularly featured in national newspapers, on radio, and in esteemed spiritual magazines.


Reading Style

Robin explains and demonstrates in simple effective ways the links between personality, health and genetic inheritance showing how these complexities are mirrored like a ‘life-map’ in your hands. He works from hand photos by phone or computer from anywhere in the world.


Robin's client list reads like a who’s who directory. Robin helps them like a ‘personal coach’, directing mastery of their unique patterns towards success and life fulfillment. Remarkably he can do the same for anyone from some clear hand pictures. His personal insights are uncannily accurate and always helpful.

Robin has been such a breath of fresh air. I had a reading with him over 10 years ago and I'm so happy that I found him again! His readings are incredibly accurate and thought-provoking, as well as very positive whilst also bringing to light some real issues that I needed to know but he does so in a very kind and caring way. "


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