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Explore your life-story in the palm of your hands

Now Available for Online Readings

Robin Lown

Robin Lown is described by those that know him and consult him, as a ‘Master Craftsman’ of Palmistry, his accuracy being tested and proved in numerous TV and Radio appearances.

B.Ed., MBS Professional

Master Palmist, Natural Psychic and Senior Tutor at the College of Psychic Studies, London.

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Personal Reading

Recieve a personalized 1-2-1 palm reading with Robin to discover your unique 'life-map,' gaining tailored guidance for navigating life confidently and with newfound clarity.

Palmistry Courses

Embark upon Robin's transformative hand reading course, offering practical skills for personal enrichment or professional growth, unveiling the secrets within each palm.

Master Classes

Join Robin's Master Class for a comprehensive exploration of palmistry's insights, accessible both
n-person and online for personal and professional development.

Robin has been such a breath of fresh air. I had a reading with him over 10 years ago and I'm so happy that I found him again! His readings are incredibly accurate and thought-provoking, as well as very positive whilst also bringing to light some real issues that I needed to know but he does so in a very kind and caring way. "


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